Set Apart

from by Vanguard



First there’s you, you lie and cheat and steal
Money is your god with no regret to feel
Whore yourself around, you will do anything
Just to line you pockets with eternal stink

I am the other man, the one that has a heart
I will not be like you, I am set apart

Self-centred lust, breeding every day
I came from this world, but it’s not where I’ll stay

Do it over again, grind them to the dirt
You never did care who or what you hurt
Keep beating this dead horse, bleed it dry
And drain its carcass, until the day you die
Betraying every love for a single dime
Slap on that fake smile and say it will be fine

You’re just a wolf dressed as a sheep dressed as a man in a suit
Who doesn’t care for all the people he will kill and abuse

I despise you, I hate what you are
You are a money whore, but I am set apart
I will be set apart

I hate there’s a world like this
Proves to me that hell does exist
So much suffering, so much pain
Driven forward by those who only seek self-gain
Are we part of the problem (are we any better)
When they are so devout (do we help at all)
My own service
I swear it makes me doubt

But I won’t give in and I won’t give up
We will face the world and we’ll be set apart


from The Rivals EP, released January 25, 2017


tags: metal Auckland


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Vanguard Auckland, New Zealand

Melodic christian deathcore band based in Auckland New Zealand.

Jared Kerr - Bass
Andrew Rush - Drums
Cam Sitters - Guitar
Andy Mack - Guitar
Daniel Lett - Vocals

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